26 December 2009

My Blog & Article Picks for 2009

Here's a look at some of the blogs/articles that caught my attention in 2009:

A very different view of IT and Transparency from a Developing Nation - a look at the challenges of IT projects in a large Indian jurisdiction where IT has been traditionally about infrastructure.

IT Alignment over the years, the story and history series Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 - where we are taken through the YMCA technology staff's journey focusing on the culture surrounding technology.

IT Savvy - Time for a Change? - a look at the change in organisations to be more fleet of foot positioning Enterprise Architecture, Governance and Program Management as mechanisms to support the change.

Business-IT Alignment: Time for a paradigm shift - a look at SOA's impact on the old Business-IT alignment focus

EA Value Contribution - looking at the value EA can contribute to support projects, strategic direction and portfolio transformation

Enterprise Alignment - Value Creation - the Next Institute's perspective on how to develop a creative and sustainable enterprise

See you in 2010.

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