18 April 2010

Social Media - What persona is appropriate where?

In a recent blog in TalentedApps, Amy Wilson explored how communication methods used at work vary from communication with friends, even when the people you are communicating with are the same people.

The selection of which social networking tool to use when and how, as well as what persona you display in each network, affects how people put together a picture of you. Some people will be connected through only one network but many may be connected across multiple networks and they get a broader picture of your life.

How does this access to our multiple personae impact our relationships? This is something each of us needs to come to terms with for ourselves. There are many organisations spreading warnings about the security of social networks and how much information a person who wants to exploit that material may find on the web. It is up to each of us to be informed and make our decision as to how much of our lives we wish to share with our networks, which networks should be kept internal to an organisations, which to expand into the realm of global access and which of your networks intersect and how. I am just starting my journey down this path and exploring my use of tools like facebook, twitter, linkedin, plaxo, blogger so I will keep you posted on my findings.

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